Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Drive more revenue for your business with SMS marketing for small businesses

"We've seen double the open rates than email and over 25x return on our investment with text message marketing." -- Kelly, Marketing Director

Riser is the best business phone app to send texts

What are the benefits of text message marketing for small businesses?

How SMS Marketing Can Improve Your Business.

  • Send personalized and targeted promotions, launch products, collect customer feedback, and more.
  • Foster valuable customer connections that boost revenue and increase repeat visits.
  • Text message marketing with Riser sees 99% open rates.
  • 10x more revenue driven than email.
  • 25x+ return on investment.
Laptop and mobile phone showing business tools to send text mmessages from all devices

We make text message marketing easy for you and your business

Features Other Business Phones Riser
Choose a local U.S. phone number
Choose a toll-free U.S. phone number
International calls
Call blocking
Conference calling
Voicemail Transcriptions
Spam Prevention
Apps for phones, tablets, and computers
Auto-Repy for calls and texts
SMS and MMS marketing messaging
Timeline view of customer interactions
Personalized customer support within the app
Set your business hours
After-hours call handling
Insights into missed call % and peak call times
Re-engaging customers with text messaging campaigns
Smart auto attendant for calls
Smart auto attendant for text messages
Message templates let you answer common questions in no time.
Organize your contacts with labels, so you can easily find them again.
Take notes after a meeting, and more, wherever you are
Create quick and professional proposals and estimates
Invoice your customers in seconds with quick & professional invoices
Easily accept payments via credit card from customers to save time and get paid faster
Automate bookkeeping by syncing Riser and your QuickBooks Online accounts
Shared inbox allows your team to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience
Review team call recordings so you can analyze and improve communications with customers
Task management with your team stay on schedule and hit deadlines.

Text Message Marketing Pricing Information and FAQs:

What kind of text message marketing plans do you offer?

We offer monthly packages of 3000, 4000, and 5000 messages per month. Please see below for pricing information.

How much per message do you charge?

Inbound messages are free, and for our largest package of 5000 messages per month it equates to $0.012 per message.

Do you have an app?

Yes! We have a top-rated iOS and Android app you can use. For those that prefer to use their desktop we offer our web client as well.

Do you have template we can use to send messages?

We offer quick replies where you can create template of messages you send to make it easier for you instead of copy / paste all the time.

What if I have a promotion I want to share with my existing customers?

That is a great way to keep customers engaged with your business. In the app there is a section for sending text message re-engagement campaigns. This was built with this purpose in mind.

SMS Monthly Marketing Plans

Renews Monthly

3000 SMS

Free Incoming SMS

$ 40

4000 SMS

Free Incoming SMS

$ 50

5000 SMS

Free Incoming SMS

$ 60

Need More than 5000?

Contact Support for Pricing

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