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Get local numbers throughout the US for your business.

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Get a local Madison number from the 608 area code for your business.

Business Calling & Texting in Madison

  • Call and text your customers in Madison using your Riser business phone number on all of your devices
  • After-hours call handling in Madison
  • Respond to every Madison customer with smart auto attendant for calls
  • Auto-Replies for calls and texts from people from Madison or all over
  • Respond to voicemails by text message with your Riser phone number in 608 area codes
  • Spam prevention for your Madison business phone number
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call Recording
  • Text messaging supports sending MMS and Group messaging for Madison numbers and more
  • Simultaneous call handling and call forwarding for your Madison phone number
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Grow Your Business in Madison

  • Get more Madison customers with text message marketing with a local phone number in 608 area codes
  • Easily share you virtual business card with potential Madison customers
  • Task management to make sure you deliver to your Madison customers
  • Team support for your team whether they are in Madison or remote
  • Record calls so you can analyze and improve your communications with Madison customers
  • Make better business decisions with insights into your business metrics
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Get a Madison Number for Your Business

  • Madison customers have more confidence when they’re dealing with a preferred local Madison business
  • Establish a local presence for customers in Madison
  • Send text messages from your Madison number
  • Choose a local Madison phone number that includes area codes 608
  • Use your Madison business phone number with your personal cell phone through our Riser mobile app
  • Forward your Madison phone number to any device
  • Call or text from our Riser mobile app and your customers will see your Madison phone number as the Caller ID
  • Use your Madison business phone number to stay safe and protect your privacy when you give out your number instead of your personal cell phone
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Business Productivity in Madison

  • Set your local Madison business hours
  • Timeline view prepares you for the next conversation with your Madison client
  • Organize your contacts with labels, so you can easily find them again if they're in 608 area codes or all over
  • Take notes after a meeting, and more, whether you are in Madison or traveling
  • Win more Madison customers with quick and professional estimates
  • Invoice your Madison customers in seconds with quick & professional invoices
  • Shared inbox allows your team in Madison or remote to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience
  • Message templates let you answer common questions in no time
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High Performing Team in Madison

  • Task management with your team in Madison or remote to save time, avoid losing work and information, delegate, and track tasks to stay on schedule and hit deadlines.
  • Shared inbox allows your team in Madison or remote to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience.
  • Review team call recordings so you can analyze and improve communications with your Madison customers
  • Ensure your team in Madison or remote runs smoothly with personalized customer support within the Riser app
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Riser is built with your Madison business in mind

Riser provides a top rated CRM and business phone line for your Madison business for one low price.

Laptop and mobile phone showing business tools as an alternative to Google Voice

Toll Free Numbers Great for marketing and a national presence, toll free numbers can make your business sound more professional.

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Local Numbers A local Madison number is one that starts with an area code specifically for a particular region, city, or state. It’s the easiest way to get a local Madison business number or any city of your choice – whether you live there or not!

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